Dude Food: Men cooking is the new trend

Men cooking food seems to be the new trend, as "dude food" takes a hype with cooking books being specially written for them.

In fact, these cookbooks became hot-ticket for the father's day this year, like golfer tees and ties. Popular amongst these books were 'DudeFood: A Guy's Guide to Cooking Kick-Ass Food,' 'Man Food: Good Food for a Good Time' and 'Dude Food: Classic Comfort Food Cooked Home Style,' reported the Washington Post.

Talking about dude food, 'Top Chef' judge Hugh Acheson said that it's great as it is tasty and simple.

Giving his comments on the same, food editor Sam Sifton, said that dude food is anything salty, fatty and crisp, with bro-tastic sweetness and wicked heat, that can be eaten in front of a television or outside in a yard, while wearing a baseball cap.

Adding more about the new trend Brauhaus Schmitz's owner Jeremy Nolen said that the perfect dude food for him would be grilling outside and some cold beers and he thinks anything grilled outside on a charcoal or wood fire is definitely great.

Source: ANI