Food War: India vs Australia

by Sneha M

Apart from their love for cricket, Indian and Australia share a lot in common. Both these former British colonies share a key similarity, which is a profound love for their respective cuisine.

Lets take a glance through the culinary battle between India and Australia.

India boasts of having one of the worlds most diversified food culture, with each state having its own unique style of cooking and flavours.

Did you know: India is called the "Land of Spices" for it produces many varieties of spices. It is a reflection of the country’s diversity in taste and culture. Food habits vary according to the regional traditions but Indians majorly are vegetarians.

Whereas on the other hand Australia is famous for its seafood as it has the third largest fishing zone in the world. Initially Australian cuisine was greatly influenced by the British but over the years it evolved to form a unique cuisine of it's own.  


India is filled with some of the finest cuisines in the entire world. From Bengali to South Indian, from Punjabi to Assamese, the foods are tangy, delicious and yummy. Each state and union territory has a completely different and unique cuisine of it's own.

North India is known for its Tandoori and Korma dishes; while the South is famous for hot and spicy foods; the East specialises in chilli curries; and the West uses coconut and seafood, whereas the Central part of India is a blend of all.

Wheat is the staple in the north whereas it is rice down south. The staple are eaten in various forms be it wheat chapaties or dosas (Indian version of crepes) from rice.

Foods that bring India together

Like India, Australian food is also divided into regions that has it's own specialty. King Island cream, Sydney rock oysters, Bowen mangoes, Coffin Bay scallops, Tasmanian salmon and Illabo milk-fed lamb to name a few.

Though it is diverse, its native cuisine is called 'bush tucker' that involves traditional diets such as flour and water cooked in the campfire coals to make bread called damper, billy tea, and local animals' meat.

India on a plate

It's definitely hard to summarise Indian cuisine but here are some dishes that shout Indian and are known all over the world.

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Snacks such as Samosas, the world-famous Biryani, Naan and Roti, Kebabs, Chaats, sweets and desserts (who can resist the delicious Gulab Jamun, Payasam, Ladoos the list is endless), desi ice-cream Kulfi, chai (tea - common Indian drink), the famous Idli-Vada-Sambhar or the dosas from south and not to forget the tangy Achaar (pickle)

Australia on a plate

Australians love Vegemite and its know as the most famous iconic Australian foodstuff. Their other specialities include Damper, Meat pies, Violet Crumble (honeycomb chocolate bar), Chiko rolls, Dim Sim, vanilla slices and wheat biscuits.

Lamingtons, Anzac biscuits and Pavlova are three dishes that Australians and New Zealanders fight over. It's not quite clear on who invented them but these have become an integral part of both the cuisine.

Cultural difference

'Bring a plate' is a common expression in Australia that is used while inviting for a party. It does not mean the literal words, but you are to carry a dish for the others to eat.

On the contrary, India is known for its culture and hospitality. When invited to a party, the host expects just the presence of the person and feeds him/her till the brim. But slowly the idea of 'potluck' (same as bring a plate) is catching up in India too.

We leave you with a map on Indian cuisine

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