Tips to drink a perfect glass of whisky

Scottish Experts have suggested some tips to drink a perfect glass of whisky.

The experts explained that one should pour whiskey preferably more than a gnat could consume and less than an elephant would, but should mind the head space in the glass for the whisky to breathe, Fox News reported.

In addition to this, experts emphasized on there is no such rule that whiskey should go in a rock glass or a shot glass, but actually nosing or tulip shaped glasses are the most commonly agreed glassware type, as they help to concentrate the aromas in one point.

Carl Reavey from Bruichladdich Scotch whisky explained that for social drinking, one should use a wine glass or brandy balloon because it's essential to have the ability to swirl the spirit in the glass and for the glass to have a bowl capable of retaining the aroma.

After choosing the right glassware, one should make his mind to enjoy the drink without the rocks, as it dulls the flavors, and rather should start it neat and then slowly should add water.

At the end one should take his time and enjoy his whiskey without a feeling that there is a specific rule that must be followed and should not be precious about how to drink whisky.

Source: ANI