15 exciting Cupcakes to welcome 2015

  • ​A sweet treat!
    A colorful visual!
    A mini cake!

    All these and more define cupcakes. Trending these days, cupcakes are rapidly replacing the big cakes. These cute and adorable little things have become shining stars on food tables at all parties. It doesn't need an occasion nor is it festive oriented. Cupcakes suit all moods and tastes.

    Variations are something cupcakes are famous for. Name the flavour and they are there. From vanilla to red velvet, from simple to the most intricate designs, from butter icing to fondant, cupcakes rock in any form.

    Sky is the limit of imagination for decorating these beauties. We present some drool worthy collection of cupcakes as a treat for you eyes and taste buds!

    P.S: We will also feed you with some history and fun facts on cupcakes and of course loads of delicious recipes!

    Text: Sneha M