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Colocassia is an ingredient used in Indian cooking
Also known as: 
Taro, Dasheen, Kalo

Botanically speaking, the taro "root" is really a corm, a thickened, underground stem of certain plants, resembling bulbs. The smaller taro, or eddo, is popular in Caribbean and West African cooking, but wearing gloves when peeling is a necessity as it can irritate the skin. Cultivated varieties are usually the size very large potatoes, roughly top-shaped, and circled all over the surface with rough ridges. There are many lumps and spindly projecting roots. The skin is brown; but inside the flesh may be white, pink, or purple. Taro root is however very similar to, a potato.

Commonly used in: 
Snacks, side dish, fried, pastes etc.

Health benefit: 
Among other things, colocassia is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also very high in starch, and source of dietary fiber.

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