Other Names:  
Kodi Mundiri pazham, Alubokhara

Prunes are the fully ripe fruit still containing their stone of the plum tree (rose family, Rosaceae) which have been preserved by drying (air, sun or artificial drying) (dried fruit).

Commonly used in: 
Prunes are used in cooking both sweet and savory dishes. Stewed prunes, is a dessert. Prunes are a frequent ingredient in North African tagines.  In the Nordic prune kisel, is eaten with rice pudding in the Christmas dinner; and in the traditional Norwegian dessert fruit soup. Prunes are used as stuffing, for cakes, Danish pastries, ice cream, juice and to make sugar plums.

Health Benefits: 
They protect against diseases like cancer, they help prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity, it help to lower cholesterol, improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a good source of vitamin C.  Prunes and their juice contain mild laxatives including phenolic compounds (mainly as neochlorogenic acids and chlorogenic acids) and they also contain dietary fiber.  Prunes and prune juice are thus common home remedies for constipation and have a high antioxidant content.