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Coconut Milk Cake

Coconut Milk Cake is a popular Indian Dessert
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Kid friendly
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Slow Cook
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Serves 8


1 cup - gram flour

3.5 cup - Sugar

3/4 cup - Ghee

1 cup - Wheat flour

1 - Coconut

20 - Cashew nuts

1 tsp - kesari powder


  1. Grease a flat plate and keep aside.
  2. Grate the coconut and take 1/3rd part to fry.
  3. Grind the remaining coconut in a mixer to extract thick coconut milk.
  4. Repeat and take the 2nd and 3 rd milk separately.
  5. Heat a heavy bottomed pan, add 4 tsp of ghee and add gram flour and fry for a while and keep aside.
  6. Add 4 tsp of ghee in the pan, and fry the wheat flour and keep aside
  7. Add another 4 tsp of ghee and fry broken cashews and grated coconut and fry it till the coconut becomes golden brown.
  8. Heat another heavy bottomed pan and add the 2nd and 3rd coconut milk along with sugar and stir continuously with a ladle.
  9. When the sugar syrup reaches thick string consistency, add the fried flours and fried coconut, cashew nuts and mix it well.
  10. When the mixture starts to boil, add the first coconut milk, and stir well. When the mixture starts to become thick, add ghee and stir well
  11. Add kesari powder and cardamom stir well. When the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan remove the mixture from flame and pour it in the greasy plate
  12. Allow the coconut milk cake to cool.
  13. Now cut the cake into desired shapes.
  14. Recipe courtesy: Subbu's Kitchen
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