Exotic variety of delectable Dim sums at Veda and Djinggs

Exotic variety of delectable Dim sums at Veda and Djinggs

The classic and tasteful Veda, with all its finesse and grandeur brings to us Djinggs, an authentic Sichuan and Canton-styled Chinese restaurant, to sector 29, Gurugram to take you through an experience of food heaven, with its classic and exotic – Dim sum Delights!

Dim sum means 'touch the heart' in Chinese and it is a mixture of fresh seafood, meat and vegetables which is served with tea and bun. Dim sum is not a food that can just be served as a snacks, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.

Dim sums are small sized portion of food, folded in layers of dumplings with meat and vegetable stuffing. At Djinggs, sumptuous Dim sums are not only famous for their delectable taste, but also for amazing presentation, while serving. The variety comprises of Dim sums like Shao-Mai, Chives & Water Chestnut dumpling, Pok-Choi Spinach, Hau Gau Shrimp, etc. and are also available as 'Basket of Dim sums' in vegetarian and non vegetarian to satisfy your taste buds. All Dim sums are served with variety of authentic and aromatic sauces too.

Each of the dishes mentioned above are priced reasonably ranging from Rs. 180/- to Rs. 450/- plus taxes. A meal for two at the restaurant costs approximately Rs. 1200/- plus taxes.


Veda & Djinggs is a never-before-done collaboration of authentic styled Indian and Chinese cuisines. Veda in sector 29, Gurugram comes with the full experience. The decor resonates royalty, with state-of-the-art chandeliers and gorgeous ethnic mirrors all around. Food is authentic Pan-Indian, using genuine spices from all over the country. Be it the richest North Indian items or the healthier South Indian variant. Veda is what one would call – ‘India in a room”.

Djinggs, on the other hand, brings to life the Sichuan Province of China. The Clay hot-pot meals, in a signature style, are an experience of a whole new culture without having to travel an inch. The tender, flavourful dishes are a perfect example of traditional food with contemporary style cooking. The décor is true to the nature of its food, with dim lights and beautiful sun-umbrellas; keeping the authenticity of the place unbeatable!