11 Indian foods that have found their perfect partner!

By: Sneha M

Just like best friends, some classic food combinations are inseparable. They are never outdated and always are on each other side.


We are talking about besties like ‘Mac N Cheese’, ‘Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream’, ‘Nachos with Salsa’ and so on. But lets not talk about these ‘firang’ pairs, hop on with us to explore the traditional Indian ones.


Indian cuisine is vast but there are few classic food combinations that go with each other hand in hand. You just cannot separate them even when you mention it.

We bring you such desi combinations that would not only make you nostalgic but also make you crave for them right now.

1. Masala Chai and Biscuits

You can classify Indians into two categories, people who drink tea and the ones who drink coffee. Masala tea drinkers must (must must) have biscuits with it.

The taste of the biscuit dipped in the aromatic masala chai is just heavenly. Oh and it is even better if it’s raining outside. Don’t you agree?



2. Idly Sambar
An unbeatable combination not only in India but worldwide is Idly and Sambar. Traditionally South Indian, these fluffy idlys and tangy sambar make an awesome pair.

3. Rabdi Malpua

Rabdi and Malpua are the two dishes that are meant to be together. A perfect festive combo that can never ever go wrong.

4. Dal Bati Churma
Sounds like an individual dish, right? Na Na!! Dal, Bati and Churma are three different dishes that come together to give an authentic Rajasthani meal. Slurp slurp!!

5. Doodh Jalebi
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Hot milk with even hotter and crisper Jalebi is an unmatched combination.

6. Dal Chawal
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A very simple combo that we have on a daily basis. Though there are a lot of accompaniment for rice in India but Dal is the most preferred one.
One more such combination is Machar Jhol Bhat

7. Aloo Poori
You get the best of both worlds when you have the bland deep fried crispy poori with spicy striking yellow potato masala. Yum Yum!

8. Pesartu Upma
Pesartu and Upma is a traditional dish from Andhra Pradesh that compliments each other so well.

9. Gulab Jamun and Ice Cream
This is an Indian version of brownie with ice cream. Individually, everyone loves Gulab Jamun and vanilla ice cream but when they come together it’s a match made in heaven.

10. Curd Rice & Pickle
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An irresistible pair from down south is the white curd rice with the oily and super spicy pickle. For South Indians, their meal doesn’t end if they haven't licked their fingers covered with this yummy dish.

11. Chola Bhatura
This delectable combo of the hot deep fried bhatura and the spicy chola is something that no one can resist. 

If you are feeling hungry and the thought about such combinations make you want to grab a bite right now, then we know for sure that you and food are true soulmates.

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