5 lost dishes of India

India has distinct food cultures and recipes which differ in taste, ingredients, cooking styles and methods from one geography to the other. However, food practices are ever changing and this has led to many dishes like Zameen doz dying out.

Saumya Shree, food specialist at virtual restaurant Bite Club, shares a list of five lost dishes of India:

Moti pulao:
The nawabs made their food look pretty, while being innovative as well. This pulao is laden with peas or meat.
Preparing the pulao is one tedious task though. Fragrant spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, and poppy seeds are used. The white pearls are made using egg white.

Luleh kebab:
This is a very delicate minced meat kebab.

Zameen doz:
This Awadhi fish dish is cooked by burying the dish under the ground. It was traditionally prepared by wandering hunters and nomads. However, over a period of time, people moved from the wilderness to brick and mortar homes and the dish lost its recipe and skill.

This is a layered rice dish with chicken pieces, aromas of clove and cardamom, a hint of orange and loads of nuts and dried fruits like dates and raisins.

Angoori kofte:
These are bottle gourd koftas dipped in creamy gravy.

Source: IANS