6 Changes you might notice if you quit coffee

Planning to quit coffee? Well these are things which might happen when you get out of the caffeine consuming habit.

First, you might feel temporarily weak. Researchers say that caffeine - withdrawal symptoms might include lethargy, headaches and some pretty heavy mood swings, the Express Tribune reports.

Second, you might gain weight. Blended coffee drinks encourage weight-gain and a person is going to naturally feel hungrier when he or she go off caffeine.

Third, you will sleep better. Researchers say that people, who are completely off caffeine, sleep more deeply and clock in more snooze time than those who drink even a little coffee.

Fourth, you will feel relaxed. Caffeine raises blood pressure. So, if you get rid of caffeine you will feel less anxious and stressed.

Fifth, you will suffer in the gym. As per researchers caffeine improves exercise performance and intensity, thereby increasing the number of calories you burn after a workout.

Last but not the least, the antioxidants! It's well known that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants. Also, drinking three to five cups of coffee per day could cut your risk of dying from heart disease by 21 percent.

Source: ANI