Bitter Gourds - Turning them into must-haves

Bitter Gourd - You either love them or hate them. There is no grey area we are told. Our team was divided when we started this, but by the end of this exercise a lot of them could not help but love the vegetable.  

We have come up with a bunch of recipes that we tried and tested, do let us know what you think about this list. Also, what is your favourite bitter gourd dish, do let us know in the comments!


Bitter gourd Salad


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You can have this salad fresh or if you want to use the salad after a while add curd and salt to the dry ingredients 10 minutes before serving for a better taste.  

Bitter Gourd Gosthu


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This gosthu can be served hot or cold and goes well with rice, idlis or dosas.    

Stuffed Tangy Bitter Gourd


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Everything tastes better when deep fried, the same goes with bitter gourd as well. The stuffed bitter gourd is deep fried till the outside turns crispy and the inside is cooked.

Bitter Gourd Kosumbari


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This dish shines best when served with a traditional south Indian meal

Fried Bitter Gourd


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These crispy fried slivers of bitter gourd might transform you into falling in love with the vegetable.  

Tangy Bittergourd Pickle


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The ground mixture is fried in oil  till the water is absorbed and it turns dry. This pickle has a long shelf life if preserved right.

Bitter Gourd and Green Mango Gassi


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Though this recipe might seem intimidating to some of you, do not stress. It is detailed and all you need to do is follow the steps and you will get there.  

Bitter gourd Gojju


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Much like the Gassi, this is a long recipe, but trust the process and you will soon add this dish to your weekend meals.  

Bitter Gourd (Paavakaai) Theeyal


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Bitter Gourd, called 'Paavakaai' in Tamil and 'Kaipakka' in Malayalam, is first deep fried for the Theeyal. These fried bitter gourds are then added to a mixture of grated coconut, green chillies, urad dal, coriander seeds and pepper. Bitter Gourd (Paavakaai) Theeyal can be served along with hot steamed rice.  

Simple Bitter Gourd Curry


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After the complicated recipes we decided to end with a fairly easy bitter gourd curry, which goes well with steamed rice.