Easy 'Salad On The Go' Recipes

Sometimes, scrolling through the food apps isn't the only option when you feel hungry. 

Next time your tummy rumbles for something delish while you want to be on a #healthyfoodonly diet, a bowl of salad could be exactly what you need. 


This is what you call a perfect summer salad that keeps you feeling refreshed and healthy. The whole preparation is super easy too. Even if you hardly enter the kitchen, whipping up this salad won’t be a difficult task.

So, are you all ready to make a salad bowl that screams yummy? Check out exclusive recipes from 'Bawarchi' here:

Tomato Mozzarella Salad with Basil 


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Sprouted Moong and Peanut Salad 


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American Salad in Indian Style


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Low Fat Diet Salad


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