Saag mutton in Palika Bazaar is a must-try

By Prateek Srivastava

Delhi, the national capital of the country, has many culinary delights and one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money for a filling meal. The whole city is dotted with little food outlets. One such outlet is in the subterranean Palika Bazaar in Connaught Place in the heart of the city. The outlet is famous for mutton korma (goat meat braised in a spiced sauce), chicken korma and saag mutton (goat meat in spinach sauce) and attracts a lot of foodies from all parts of the metropolitan.

It can be a little difficult to find the place in the labyrinthine air-conditioned market though. It’s in one of the bylanes called Chhoti Market (see the picture below). The outlet is very small in size and has only the above-mentioned delicacies on its menu along with khamiri roti (leavened bread), tawa roti, roomali roti and rice. The best thing about these delicacies is that the meat is so well-cooked that it comes off the bone just like that. The gravy is nicely spiced up but not very hot, so if you like your korma not fiery, you have another reason to pay a visit.

If you are interested in stories too, hear this one out. The owner of the shop, who died a few years ago, apparently exchanged letters with former US President John F Kennedy. On the walls of the shop are hung their epistolary communications framed in glass. If you care to pore over, you’ll find out that the owner wished the would-be President the best ahead of the elections in the early sixties, and after Kennedy won and took office, he wrote back and thanked his well-wisher. Some story, is not it?

The popularity of the outlet could be gauged from the fact that during lunch hours, the whole bylane is gasping for breath. With so much space constraint, that’s obvious but that doesn’t deter the korma lovers. For them, all the elbowing and pushing is worth it.

One advisory though. In case you are planning to go there for a korma treat, make sure you don’t do it on a Tuesday because for religious reasons they don’t cook any meat on the second day of the week. Please also note that saag mutton is their USP and is only available on Sundays.

Surely, a place of which a true food lover must have an acquaintance!