Celebrate summer with ten great Jackfruit recipes

The jumbo-sized, mighty JACKFRUIT, is a seasonal superfood packed with wonderful nutrients. The 'Jack of all fruits' is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and has zero cholesterol.

Jackfruit is known as Kathal in Hindi, Pala Pazham in Tamil, Chakka in Malayalam and Panasakai in Telugu.

You can eat the ripe fruit as it is, but cooking raw or ripe jackfruit is a treat too. The raw edible part of the fruit can be used in making curries, snacks and soups. The ripe juicy fruit can be used to make tasty sweets and desserts and jackfruit seeds also can be used to make excellent stir fries and curries.

Here are the top jackfruit recipes from! 


1. Kathal Kofta Ki Curry

The raw, green jackfruit is traditionally used as a vegetable in many Indian dishes for its delectable taste. Unripe jackfruit can help fight high blood sugar level and is popular among diabetics. 
Kathal Kofta Ki Curry is a flavoursome vegetarian curry made by deepfrying koftas with chopped jackfruit and gram flour. The koftas are then simmered in rich gravy. Kathal Kofta Ki Curry recipe 


Kathal Kofta Ki Curry recipe


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2. Kathal Ki Sabjii

This delightful side dish is very popular in North India and can be made easily at home. The unripe jackfruit with the seeds is blended along with savoury masalas - coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala and chilli powder. 
The deep fried kathal is then stir fried along with tomatoes, onions and a masala mix. Kathal Ki Sabjii is a delicious accompaniment for your roti or chapathi. 


Kathal Ki Sabjii recipe


3.Idichakka Thoran

Idichakka Thoran is a popular summer stir fry recipe of Kerala. Idichakka is nothing but tender jackfruit. The raw fruit is stir fried with mustard seeds, black gram and dry red chillies. 
This mixture is sauted well with the grated coconut. Make sure you cook this delicious side dish in coconut oil for that extra special taste. Idichakka Thoran can be served with Kanji, a rice gruel that is a staple food in Kerala. 


Idichakka Thoran recipe


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4. Jackfruit Biryani (Kathal Biryani)

Kathal Biryani is an unusual biryani cooked with raw jackfruit pieces and a variety of spices. This highly appetizing biryani tastes best with a boiled egg and raita.


Jackfruit Biryani recipe



5. Jackfruit Cutlets

Are you bored of cooking the usual potato, mixed vegetable cutlets? Then, try this extremely tangy cutlet made with raw jackfruit. The raw jackfruit pieces are mixed along with potatoes, gram flour and spices. The finely shaped balls are dipped in arrowroot batter and coated with bread crumbs for crispy, tasty cutlets.
This mouth-watering cutlet can be relished as a starter or snack. 


Jackfruit Cutlets recipe



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6.Jackfruit Sweet Idli

Jackfruit Idli is a tasty breakfast or snack recipe that is very famous in coastal Karnataka.
The idli mixture is made with deseeded jackfruit and rawa, coconut shavings, jaggery and cashewnuts. 
Steam the idlis and serve hot with a dollop of ghee. Traditionally, jackfruit idlis were steamed in banana leaves for the rustic aroma and taste.


Jackfruit Sweet Idli recipe


7.Kadgi Chakko

Kadgi Chakko is a rich, classic side dish recipe of South Konkan region in Maharashtra. Fresh, hand-picked raw jackfruit is used to make this delicious side dish. The gently mashed jackfruit is cooked on a low flame with a mixture of grated coconut, chilli powder, coriander seeds, urad dal and mustard seeds. Kadgi Chakko is best served with steamed rice or chapathi.


Kadgi Chakko recipe



8. Microwave Jackfruit and Almond Kheer

If you need a quick summer dessert, Microwave Jackfruit and Almond Kheer is your best bet. The ripe, fleshy jackfruit pieces and blanched almonds make a great combo. You can make this kheer in a few minutes with minimal, easily available ingredients like milk, sugar, cardamom and saffron. 
This delicious kheer has a wonderful flavour and a nutty taste.


Microwave Jackfruit and Almond Kheer recipe



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9. Gidge Gashi

Gassi or Gashi is part of Mangalorean cuisine and is a traditional curry made using fresh ground spices and coconut.
Gidge Gashi is a traditional recipe from Konkani cuisine and this version in popular with the Goud Saraswat Brahmins settled in Kochi. Gidge Gashi uses tender, raw jackfruits pieces, tur dal and black channa along with hot spices and masalas. 


Gidge Gashi recipe



10. Jackfruit Smoothie

Make your summer breakfasts go a long way with a Jackfruit smoothie. 
Blend juicy jackfruit pieces, thick yoghurt, milk and maple syrup for a healthy and filling mid-morning or breakfast drink.


Jackfruit Smoothie recipe



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Some Quick Tips for Using Jackfruit in Cooking:

1. Make sure you select young, tender raw jackfruit for cooking savoury dishes. These jackfruits are small in size and not fully matured.


2. Boiled jackfruit seeds are considered a healthy snack. It can be either boiled or baked and is a good substitute for your regular snacks.


3. As ripe jackfruit is very sticky, it's recommended you apply oil to the knife and hands before chopping the fruit.


4. It is easy to find out if the jackfruit is really ripe - the fruit colour changes to yellowish brown when completely ripe.


5. The white, fibrous part of the jackfruit inner to the hard core line is very resinous and sticky, hence wear gloves while handling it.


6. Canned jackfruit in syrup is available across several online stores and markets to use in variety of desserts and sweets.


7. Always add 2 tbsp of oil while cooking jackfruit as the oil prevents any gum from sticking to your cooking vessel.


8. Many tend to overcook the raw jackfruit vegetable. To cook it to right, pressure cook the raw fruit in salt and water for about 1 whistle.


9. Ripe jackfruits can be refrigerated up to a week. Use them for your salads, puddings and much more.


10. Jackfruit is used as a substitute for meat in many BBQ dishes thus making it a great vegan dish.