Cool tricks to open beer bottles

The Internet is awash with tons of simple cool tricks that can help people crack open beer bottles without an opener.

The wackiest ways include folding a standard piece of white printer paper apparently creates a strong enough gadget to literally pop the top off a glass bottle, Fox News reported.

Start off by vertically folding the paper in half. Then folds the half lengthways again, pressing firmly so the creases of the paper hold. Now keep folding the paper in half vertically until it ends up with only a small amount of paper left.

Then fold the remaining paper lengthways to create a "V" shape from the paper. Now place the "V"-shaped paper against the underside of the bottle and apply pressure and with one swift upwards move the cap of the bottle will pop up, successfully releasing the beer from its bottle-topped prison.

In other videos that have surfaced online people can be seen opening their bottles with their forearm, swimsuit top, fire hydrants, hammers and post office boxes etc.

Source: ANI