Eid Al-Adha Recipes: Sumptuous feasting

By Haneen Raihana

‘Bakra-Eid’ is a significant festival for the Muslims all over the world and is celebrated as the ‘ Feast of Sacrifice’ – a day for people to realize the essence of sharing and helping the needy. 


Also called as Eid Al-Adha /Eid-ul-Zuha, this much awaited occasion is observed just like any other joyous festival. Special prayers are offered followed by the pious duty of animal sacrifice – domesticated lamb, goat or cow. The holy meat is divided into three parts – for the family, friends & relatives and for the poor. Apart from the usual rituals, people also get to taste a lavish platter of mouth-watering food. 

Traditional mutton recipes are prepared along with other Bakrid recipes and relished with family and friends. Bawarchi brings to you a list of must-try recipes for this grand celebration. 



1.Asli Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani

This authentic Biryani recipe of Hyderabad is made from the exotic mix of spices, marinated mutton and layers of basmati rice in between. The marinated lamb and spices like bay leaf, cardamom and saffron impart the best flavour to the biryani.
If you are wondering how to make it, follow this simple recipe and make it right away! 


Get the recipe here



2. Easy Sheer Khurma

This super delicious festive dessert finds a mandatory place in important occasions and greatly loved for its rich, creamy taste. 
Prepared with Seviyan (thread vermicelli) and assorted dry fruits, this sweet is a good source of nutrients. You can serve it hot or cold, according to your preference. So, what are you waiting for? 
Get your bowl of Sheer khurma and savour it with your entire family!


Get the recipe here



3. Mutton Seekh Kebab

Kebabs got introduced to India through the influence of the Mughlai cuisine. And now, it has become an inevitable part of our life! 
This grilled meat is a crowd favourite with so many versions to it, made with different kinds of meat. Mutton Seekh Kebab can be often found in our street stalls and dhabas.
This mildly spiced, tender kebab is sure a treat to your taste buds. Make your Bakrid extra special with these succulent kebabs.


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4. Punjabi Mutton Curry

This Non-vegetarian delicacy is a must-have during Bakra –Eid.
This curry is made by boiling chunky mutton with a traditional spice blend. When the mutton pieces are sautéed along with ginger-garlic paste and the mentioned condiments, it imparts an irresistible aroma and unique flavour.
A little patience till the mutton gets ready and voila, you are done! 


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5. Shahi Chicken Biryani

This quintessential dish from the Nawabi Period holds the culinary tradition of the Mughals. For a change, you can make a chicken biryani for chicken lovers on Bakrid.
The main ingredients involved are marinated chicken and basmati rice which are layered to give the perfect blend of flavours.
Learn how to make this popular dish with our easy recipe guide. Get back to the Mughal era with this lip-smacking biryani.


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6. Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha

This royal dessert is native to Hyderabad and majorly relished during festive occasions. Made with simple ingredients – bread and sugar, this sweet is loved by kids.
The bread is fried and then the mix of khoya, milk along with various nuts is poured over it. The bread is left to soak up the goodness of flavours and the outcome of it will be so heavenly that you will fall in love with it!
Make your day memorable with this magical dessert. 


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7. Special Dal Gosht

A tasty combo of mutton and dal is this delectable curry – Dal Gosht. This famous mutton gosht involves a fine array of hot spices mixed with juicy mutton pieces.
Those who love tangy curries can go for this delightful dish. The curry is made by stewing the meat along with onion, ginger-garlic and tomato paste. Tamarind pulp is added for a dash of tanginess. It tastes best with steamed rice and paratha.
Prepare this lovely curry during Bakrid and enjoy with no regrets!


For Hyderabadi style gosht, you can try this recipe



8. Mutton Yakhni Pulao

Mutton Yakhni Pulao is a rich, aromatic rice recipe inspired from Kashmiri cuisine. This dish involves easy steam technique to cook meat and rice.
A handful of spices like cardamom, bay leaf, cinnamon and cloves are cooked with mutton. The thick mutton stock makes the pulao extra flavourful. This scrumptious pulao goes well with raita or chutney. 

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9. Tasty Paya

Paya is a stewed lamb dish that is an integral part of the South Indian Non-veg cuisine. If you are in South India, you should definitely try this thick stew or curry in food stalls where it is fondly known as Aatu Kaal Paya ( Leg of Lamb Soup).
During the special day of Bakrid, South Indian Muslims make this finger-licking dish at dinner as the best accompaniment for rice, chapathi or parotta.


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10. Hot Mutton Biryani

How can anyone say 'No' to biryani and Bakrid is the right time to gorge on such tempting Biryanis. One constant hit among our huge recipe list is this Hot Mutton Biryani.
Let the tender mutton marinate well with the masala paste. Pressure cook the basmati rice and mutton along with the desi spices. See to that the whole set of ingredients are mixed well and finally garnish it with boiled eggs.
You can serve this highly inviting biryani with baingan ka salan or raita.


Get the recipe here



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