Four Chefs. Four Easter Eggs. One Big Celebration

By Madhulika Dash


Easter eggs are Easter Eggs. And yet this this chocolate on the outside and marzipan on the inside treat has seen several iterations over the past few decades: from actual hard-boiled eggs hand painted in different colours to chocolate eggs given different treatment. No different this year either. As Easter closes by, chefs pan India are showcasing their very own versions that are as unique as their imagination.

Here, we get a few of them – along with the story (and one recipe) of what inspired chefs to create their Easter Egg this time.

THE TRADITIONAL: The classic Easter Egg
Pastry Chef Surendra Negi, Taj Palace, New Delhi

"There is something blissful about creating the perfect Easter Egg, It takes hard work and at the end of it, you feel alive -much like what the egg symbolises. The key to creating a perfect traditional Easter egg lies in the intricate art of chocolate tempering. Tempering essentially involved melting chocolate over heat such that it obtains a glossy, lustrous and shiny finish. The resultant tempered chocolate becomes smooth in texture and easy-to-coat. Our Easter eggs at Taj Palace, New Delhi, use the finest Callebaut chocolate and for that added shine, we mix in cocoa butter into the chocolate for a glistening look".


The Gourmet: Dessert in an Egg
Chef Harpawan Kapoor, Product Development, Fabelle Exquisite Chocolate

"At Fabelle Chocolate, our goal is to always take our offerings a little more premium but without losing its essence. A classic example of this is our Easter special. For this festival week, we have created two, very distinct Fabelle style Easter Egg: One, is the large one, which is made of chocolate coated dry fruit cluster and comes with the traditional thick shell. The other is a more delicate Easter Egg dessert. Resembling the hand painted hard boiled eggs of the yore, this version uses chocolate praline in the shell while white chocolate and coconut ganache form the egg white and a mango jelly the yolk. By the looks, it may seem like eating an egg, but the actual mouth feel is of a gourmet dessert."


THE TALL: The Four-Feet tall Easter Egg
Pastry Chef Murugan Sailappan, Conrad Bengaluru

"Over the years, the Easter Egg has seen quite a few transformations: from the brightly painted hard boiled eggs to the bright hued chocolate ones that has had as many variations as the mind can imagine. But the one that readily took the place of the favourite and remained so is the classic chocolate one. This year, when my team and I decided to create the Easter Egg, we decided to pay an ode to all the years and created the four feet tall egg that has a bunny carved within it, just like old times. It took nine pastry chefs about two weeks to get this human size egg to take life. 25 kg of the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate was used to make this piece that graces our lobby today surrounded by every single iteration made in the last five decades surrounding it."


THE INTERESTING: Cracked Gianduja Easter egg with gems
Chef Jerson Fernandes, Executive Chef, Jeon, Sea Princess

"The idea of a hazelnut-flavoured chocolate egg shell stuffed with gems on piped buttercream grass is a combination of several of my childhood memories of celebrating Easter. As a child, I was always fascinated about the egg hunt and would store my treasure till the chocolate would crack to show off the figurines that were inside. The other thing that made my Easter childhood were gems that I often called the “Easter Bunny’s gift”. This dessert is a representation of my childhood fascination with the egg, the bunny and the surprise within."

Quick Recipe: Take 500gms of tempered chocolate and put it in an egg-shaped mould. Chill the mould for a few minutes and then de-mould it to get two halves of the hollowed egg shells. Join them using melted chocolate and let it sit in the freezer for few minutes or till hardened. Break them in the centre horizontally to resemble a broken egg and stuff it with 20 gm of hazelnut chocolate filling in each egg and top it with some gems. Place them on a mint-flavoured butter cream base resembling grass.