Host of Mango Delicacies on offer as Renaissance Lucknow Hotel Opens Special Mango Festival

Mango Festival to be held from June 1 to June 30 

For most lovers of this tropical fruit, summer season is synonymous with mangoes! If you are a mango fanatic, gear up for the most important mango party of the season at Renaissance Lucknow Hotel.  

With yet another summer season upon us, Renaissance Lucknow Hotel is offering a memorable treat for mango lovers of the city, with a specially curated Mango Festival that is set to run for the entire period of June.  

Not only will the festival offer a host of fruit varieties for visitors, it will also tender a host of mango-based delicacies specially prepared by the chefs to tantalize the taste buds of mango lovers. 

Mango is not called the ‘King of Fruit’ for no reason. The wide range of flavors and fragrances associated with this summer fruit are incomparable. From the Chaunsa aam grown in Himachal Pradesh to the Alphonso from Maharastra to the Dashehri and Langra varieties of Uttar Pradesh, India is home to more than 50 varieties of this deliciously tempting fruit. 

Not only is mango loved in its ripe form, it is also used to prepare delicious varieties of desserts, dishes and drinks. Some of these delicacies such as mango tarts and mango cakes are on offer at the month-long festival.

“Mango is inarguably the most loved fruit in India. In fact, most people look forward to the summer season (despite the unbearable heat) only for the love of mango. The mango season is no less than a celebration, especially in north India and at Renaissance Lucknow Hotel, we believe in adding a fresh new taste to the celebratory moods of our patrons. As part of the month-long Mango festival, we are preparing a host of mango-based delicacies including mango mousses, mango pastries, mango coolers, shakes and many more. There is something for every mango lover at this festival,” says Chef Jitendra Upadhyay, Pastry Chef, Renaissance Lucknow Hotel.  

The festival will also offer a range of mango flavored beverages such as mango shakes and mango smoothies to quench your thirst and soul. The chefs have also used the occasion to prepare several experimental dishes from the fruit that promise to make a visit to this festival highly memorable. So, come fall in love with your favourite fruit all over again! 

Date: 01st- 30th June 2017 

Venue: C&C, Renaissance Lucknow Hotel 

Time: 10.30 AM-11.00 PM