Iftar Drinks Recipes:Refreshing drinks for Ramzan

Text By: Haneen Raihana 

For a healthy and happy fast in the midst of scorching summer, one must drink a lot of refreshing, healthy fluids to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

If you live in a hot region, make sure to drink more than you eat during iftar! 

These easy-to-make Iftar drinks will energize you, revive your senses and prepare your drained body for next day's fasting.  

1.Dates Honey MilkShake

Dates are considered the best food during Ramzan. 

Traditionally, Muslims break their fast with nutritional dates that instantly remove fatigue and provide energy. Dates Honey Milk Shake is a super cool drink made with a healthy combo of dates, milk and honey that keeps you full and cuts bloating. 


Click here for Dates Honey Milk Shake recipe


2.Protein Smoothie 

Smoothies are great during a fast because it keeps you satiated for a longer time and curbs your hunger and thirst. 

Banana, protein mix and milk are blended well for a glassful of this wholesome drink. 


Click here for Protein Smoothie recipe


3.Refreshing Thandai 

Thandai is an Indian cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, kharbooj or tarbooj seeds (these are skinned, dried seeds of Watermelon and cantaloupes), fennel seeds, rose water, poppy seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar.

Homemade Thandai is a perfect mix of cooling ingredients that helps your body fight dehydration.   


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4.Nonbu Kanji (With Wheat) 

Nonbu Kanji and its various versions is an all-time favourite porridge during Ramzan across India. This most popular iftari dish is traditionally made with rice and veggies. Minced mutton/meat is used for the non-vegetarian version.

This special kanji recipe is made with wheat and healthy moong sprout - blended with an array of healthy spices. Enjoy this tasty kanji along with fried pakoras, cutlets and other snacks.  


Click here to get the recipe


5.Nannari Sarbath 

Nannari, a medicinal herb, is widely consumed in India during summer because it is a great body coolant and blood purifier. A fresh drink made with Nannari is sufficient to relieve your day-long exhaustion.

Make Nannari Sarbath at home with store-bought Nannari syrup, sabja seeds, lemon and soaked badam. 


Click here for Nannari Sarbath recipe


6.Rooh-Afza Falooda  

What can be more awesome when the beloved 'Falooda' is made even more special? Make your iftar party delightful with this lip-smacking dessert.

Rooh-Afza Falooda is a gorgeous assembling of falooda sev, chilled milk, sabja seeds, rose syrup and any ice cream of your choice.  


Click here to get Rooh-Afza Falooda recipe


7.Watermelon Milkshake 

Milk is a sheer comfort food for people on a fast. It relaxes both body and mind. Coupled with watermelon, a milkshake or smoothie is absolutely refreshing.

This simple Watermelon Milkshake is made with chunks of watermelon, condensed milk and vanilla extract. 


Click here to get Watermelon Milkshake recipe


8.Thirst Quenching Iced Tea 

A few sips of this refreshing Iced Tea will keep you fresh for a long time.

To make, immerse tea bags in boiling water to which sugar, honey, lemon juice, orange juice and soda are added. Decorate with lemon slices and mint leaves to get the right flavour.  


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9.Orange Sharbat 

Sharbat or sherbet is a popular sweet drink usually served chilled. It can be served in concentrate form and eaten with a spoon or diluted with water to create the drink.

This home-made Orange Sharbat is prepared with readily available ingredients - orange, lemon and sugar. 


Click here to get Orange Sharbat recipe


10.Mint Apricot Juice 

For an exotic way to stay hydrated, try the lovely Mint Apricot Juice.

Chopped apricots, honey and mint leaves add a healthy twist to your iftar menu. 


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