Popular Sweet Recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi

By Haneen Raihana

Believed to be the God of positive beginnings and obstacle remover, Lord Ganesha's birthday is celebrated at a large scale across India, with each state following their own style of worship. 


Apart from the religious prayers and special offerings on Ganesh Chaturthi, lots of fun-filled activities like feasting, public competitions, making of clay idols and many more events are organized on this significant day that adds beauty to this joyous occasion. 

As we very well know that preparing sweets is an easy way to make Lord Ganesh happy, make some favourite sweets with the help of Bawarchi. 



1.Coconut Modak

Only four ingredients - Wheat flour, grated coconut, jaggery and cardamom powder are needed to make this wonderful modak or kozhukattai (in Tamil).
Steam this delicious sweet and serve warm with butter for an additional taste. 


Know how to make Coconut Modak



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2. Besan Rava Ladoo

Lord Ganesha is fond of ladoos and so are we! 
This ladoo is made with a tasty duo of besan/gramflour and sooji. Gram flour is roasted in ghee and rolled into perfect ladoos. Garnish it with nuts like almonds and raisins. 


Know how to make Besan Rava Ladoo



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3. Pooran Poli

Pooran Poli is a significant sweet for the Ganesh Chaturthi prasad and is popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka. For this recipe, bengal gram is soaked overnight and used the other day. 
Mashed bengal gram, jaggery and cardamom powder are mixed well for the pooran mixture. Make a soft dough using maida, salt, water and oil. Shallow fry these savoury rotis and relish on this auspicious day! 


Know how to make Pooran Poli



4. Nei Appam

This South Indian delight is a must-have for Vinayaka Chaturthi. As the name suggests, this wonderful appam is cooked in hot ghee. 
Very few ingredients - raw rice, jaggery, cardamom powder, banana and coconut - are involved in the preparation. You can make this classic dish by following this simple guide. 


Know how to make Nei Appam



5. Coconut Barfi

Barfi finds a major place in all our traditional occasions and Coconut Barfi is an all-time favourite.
This yummy barfi is slow cooked with grated coconut. 


Know how to make Coconut Barfi



6. Banana Halwa

Happy moments call for mouth-watering sweets.
For a good Banana Halwa, fresh, ripe bananas are cut into small pieces and cooked on medium flame. Sugar, ghee and cardamom powder are stirred along with it. Enjoy this sugary treat with your loved ones. 


Know how to make Banana Halwa


7. Special Kozhukattai

Kozhukattai is recognised as the South Indian version of Modak. Made with rice flour, jaggery, ghee and fresh coconut, this dessert is enjoyed by all, irrespective of age. 
There are so many kozhukattai recipes being made, with varied fillings. Both sweet and savoury versions are offered to Lord Ganesha. 


Know how to make Special Kozhukattai



8. Khopra Karanji

Khopra Karanji is a Maharashtrian dessert, similar to Gujiyas in texture. This fried pastry has a sweet stuffing made with desiccated coconut, cardamom and cinnamon powder, dry fruits like almonds and raisins. 
Different fusions of ingredients are used for the stuffing in different parts of the country. 

Know how to make Khopra Karanji



9. Paal Payasam with Rice

This luscious dessert is prepared in almost every Indian festival and special occasion. Called as Payasam in South India and Kheer in North India, this lip-smacking sweet can be made quickly with minimal ingredients.
Boil rice along with milk, sugar and ghee. Make sure it attains a thick consistency. This rich sweet has an everlasting taste, garnished with dry fruits of your choice. 


Know how to make Paal Payasam



10. Carrot Halwa

A bowl of Gajar Ka Halwa is a must-try, amidst this great feasting. With a tasty blend of juicy carrots, milk, ghee, sugar and cardamom powder, this halwa can be made in a jiffy. 
Make your day memorable with this drool-worthy sweet. 


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