Review: Maharaja Whiteline Easy Lock King Mixer Grinder

Who doesn't love to make chutneys and exotic shakes and smoothies at home? Any season is perfect to indulge in savory delights that could be made in a jiffy and nothing can be compared to the refreshing smoothies which satiates our taste buds or for that matter the taste of homemade chutneys or sauces. We remember that in older times, our grandmothers used to be busy all day in kitchen making chutneys or grounding spices in pestle and mortar. We haven’t got that kind of time now. This is why a mixer grinder is an ideal choice.

It not only saves on our time but also on money. To make things easier for all of us, Maharaja Whiteline has come up with their recently launched product, Easy Lock King Mixer Grinder. This is super powerful and will reduce your work time almost by half. The highlight of this product is its easy lock technology that does not let the mixer start until the jar is correctly locked on the main unit with the motor, hence making it extremely safe to use. It comes with four jars of different quantities that make it an ideal bet for making different delicacies.

Bawarchi brings you a detailed review covering various aspects of this appliance and what makes it an ideal home appliance for every kitchen –

Basic Details

The super powerful mixer grinder by Maharaja Whiteline comes with 750 W powerful motor. The heavy duty motor is excellent at pulverization for your consumption. The plastic body is light in weight and makes for an ideal appliance to use in summers. The motor of the mixer grinder is really powerful as compared to its counterparts and is equipped with stainless steel blades. The blades ensure strength and durability so it will be a lifelong investment.


The Easy Lock King mixer grinder from Maharaja Whiteline has an excellent design with modern look and feel. It comes in black and silver colour combination. The product looks very stylish and will perfectly adorn your kitchen top. The ergonomic design and well-built body makes it for a must-have appliance in your kitchen.

Also, the ergonomic handles of the jars make them easy to handle. It comes with four different jars so as to do multiple types of grinding and juicing. The stainless steel jars have excellent finish and look very sturdy.


The mixer grinder is quick in grinding and making juices and chutneys, thanks to its powerful motor. It includes four different jars for various functions of grinding –

- Easy Lock technique: This unique technique is the USP of the product. As the name says, the appliance comes with an innovative audible and visible (red/ green light indication) safety lock feature to ensure that the jars are well fitted and when the indication is green; it is ready to turn ON the motor. A bad placement of jar is indicated with a red light and the motor remains OFF. This will surely help in the morning rush hours, as sometimes in hurry, we don’t close lid properly and end up making a mess.

- Liquidising jar: The mixer grinder jar is perfect for everyday use for making excellent smoothies, shakes and lassi.

- Blending jar: This 1.5 liters jar is perfect for making liquid recipes. The jar comes with a fruit filter that facilitates easy filtering, deseeding of juices, sauces and purees. The ergonomic handle makes a solid grip to transfer contents of the jar.

- Spice jar: This jar can hold up to 1 liter and is perfect for dry and wet grinding. This replaces the need of grinder as a separate appliance as it can easily do the job of a grinder and can grounds spices within seconds.

Chutney jar: This is the smallest jar of the lot and is ideal for making quick chutneys. You can make mint chutney, coconut chutney, tomato chutney etc. in a jiffy in this 0.3 liter jar.

Product warranty

The elegantly designed Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder comes with 2-years product warranty and 5-years warranty on its motor. The appliance is completely safe to use even on kitchen top with its non-slip feet. The product is durable and would definitely be a long-term investment considering its amazing features and the reliable brand name.