Skin, hair care tips post Holi

Once you're done splashing bright and beautiful colors on your friends and family members on Holi Friday, be careful about cleansing and nourishing your skin and hair, says an expert.

Chiranjiv Chhabra, founder, Skin Alive Clinics suggests handy tips:

  1. Use a moisturising cleanser to wipe off color from all over your skin before heading to the shower. This helps cleanse the skin while minimising the trauma of excessive washing on it.
  2. Apply a soft cream based bath gel to wash your skin. The skin is sensitive post the chemical laden Holi play so never rub with a loofa.
  3. If colors are too stubborn, apply a paste of gram flour, lemon and milk all over face, neck and hands. Allow it to dry. Then massage the dried paste and then rinse. This serves the twin purpose of removing color and moisturising skin.
  4. Avoid bleaching and waxing for a week before and after Holi. These procedures leave the skin pores open which can prove to be harmful as the residue of colors can easily seep into these pores and make their way to inner layers of skin.
  5. Wash your hair immediately with a moisturising shampoo and follow with deep conditioning.

Source: IANS