What to eat for Sehar (Suhoor): Must-Have Energy-Boosting Meals

Text By: Haneen Raihana 

People who are fasting in the month of Ramzan would know the importance of Sehar meal, which is otherwise called the 'pre-dawn meal'. With the commencement of fasting around summer, one needs to carefully watch the ingredients that make up a 'Sehri Platter'. In order to sustain the day-long fast, protein-rich foods, those rich in fiber and other nutritional foods must be mandatorily added in your daily meal. 

Gone are the days when Sehri food consisted of heavy dishes like Dum Biryani, Nihari, Mutton Kheema, Kebabs and many more. On a healthier note, almost everyone opts for simple meals that would ease their digestion and encourage them to observe fast whole-heartedly.  

The right choice of meals will ensure a healthy lifestyle without affecting your daily regime. Here is a list of 'Best Sehri meals' followed by 'Refreshing Smoothie Recipes' that are a perfect accompaniment to your main course!  

1. Cabbage and Paneer Sandwich

For a light, satisfying meal - you can go for healthy sandwiches. The tasty combo of cabbage and paneer is loaded with proteins , vitamins and minerals. The filling mixture includes scrambled paneer, cabbage, onion , chilli powder, coriander powder and pav bhaji masala.  

This easy-to-make sandwich is a must-try during suhoor. 


Get the recipe here

You can try out other sandwich recipes as well:

1. Open Fruit Sandwich
2 Chicken Potato Sandwich
3. Egg Pepper Sandwich 

2. Cheese Egg Toast 

Eggs are a natural and rich source of good protein and it is highly recommended to include eggs in our daily diet. Experts stress on the fact 'Nutrient-rich eggs are a must-have in sehri food plan', for a healthy fast without any discomfort. 

This tasty toast made with grated cheese, egg, butter, onion, bread and chilli powder is more than enough for a complete meal! 


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You can try out other toast recipes as well:


1. Spinach Potato Toast

2. Onion Tomato Toast

3. Vegetable Cheese Toast 

3. Kuzhi Paniyaram 

This famous South-Indian dumpling is quick to make and light on stomach. The rich batter is prepared with raw rice, idli rice , fenugreek and urad dal. Add salt and cooking soda and let it settle down to the consistency of dosa batter.

Shallow fry the dumplings in a kadai and serve hot with any chutney of your choice. For a spicy touch, you can serve this savoury dish with popular gravy like Chicken Gravy, Mutton Korma and other such curries.   


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Curry Recipes that can be served with Kuzhi Paniyaram:


1. Chicken Masala

2. Mughlai Mutton Korma

4. Khara Bhath 

A healthy breakfast recipe, Khara Bhath is prepared with semolina or sooji- a power grain packed with all kinds of necessary nutrients that keeps you full and charged up throughout the day!

Khara Bhath is a balanced food with a fine assortment of suji along with fresh veggies like carrot, french beans, tomato, peas, onion and desi spices as well. 


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5. Mixed Fruit Energizer 

There are some who won't feel like eating much during a Suhoor. Salads are the best option in that case, but gorge on power-packed salads with filling ingredients. Try to add more of veggies like beans, potatoes, spinach, quinoa, tomatoes and varied sprouts. 

Fruit salads like - 'Mixed Fruit Energizer' is a gorgeous assembling of apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry and lime which boosts up your metabolism to keep you fresh the whole day. 


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Try out other salad recipes as well:

1. Sunshine Fruit Salad
2. Tasty Beans Salad
3.Crunchy Healthy Salad

6. Desi Oatmeal  

A no-fuss, tasty breakfast with a healthy mix of known dry fruits and nuts. Make it more attractive by adding yummy fruits like banana, blueberries, apples, oranges and crunchy dry fruits like walnut, apricot, fig, dates and prunes for a full-on sehri treat.

It is an ideal meal for those who watch their weight!  


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7. Fried Bean Sprouts 

Sprouts are a divine food during anytime of the day, especially for those on a long-term fast. Loaded with huge amounts of protein and dietary fiber, bean sprout is one of the super foods for a overall active body functioning.

Don't miss this small package of whole nutrition that can be either relished as a one dish meal or had along with steamed rice and any main course of your choice. 


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8. Low Fat Whole Wheat Pasta 

This special meal lets you add all forms of nutrients into your sehri diet. As whole wheat provides abundant health benefits, it has now become a common ingredient in recent days.

Saute the pasta mixture well with the tangy sauce ingredients -tomato puree, onion, chilli powder, milk and cornflour. Here is a tasty, innovative recipe that makes you enjoy your sehar!  


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9. Healthy Rice Flour Roti 

Rotis and Chapatis are always a comfort food for fasting and make efforts to add in your diet more often. This high-protein dish strengthens your immune system and keeps you active day long. 

These soft, crispy rotis taste best with spicy chutney or you can try flavoursome curries like those given below: 


Get the Healthy Rice Flour Roti recipe here


Flavoursome Curry Recipes:


1. Rajma in Coconut Gravy


2. Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Curry

10. Shahi Vegetable Uppama 

This is a great life-saver dish when you are running out of time for Sehar! In such rare instances, prepare this nutritious meal in a jiffy and relish with no regrets.

With a healthy combo of semolina and veggies, this is sure a power food that relieves your hunger pangs. 


Get the recipe here

It takes few seconds to whip up a 'smoothie' and your sehri meal is totally done with a final sip of this delightful drink. 

It is vital to consume a glass full of any of these healthy smoothies along with your main course.

Below are a list of easy smoothie recipes that must be added in your daily sehri meal. 

Must-have Smoothies along with main course:

1. Tropical Breakfast Smoothie
2. Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie
3. Kiwi, Dates and Cornflakes Smoothie
4. Banana Yoghurt Smoothie
5. Raspberry Quinoa Smoothie
6. Sugarfree Dates and Mixed Fruits Smoothie
7. Orange Dates Smoothie
8. Honey Fruit Smoothie
9. Almond Carrot Grape Smoothie
10. Mango and Cornflakes Smoothie

Follow this simple Sehri meal plan and go on with your fasting without any worries! 

Other Sehar recipes (Main Course)
1. Easy Bran Muffins
2. Fat Free Sandwich Tikki
3. Burrito with Beans and Rice
4. Stuffed Cheese Toast
5. Savoury Oat with Rice Flakes
6. Besan Ka Cheela
7. Whole Wheat Puttu
8. Gobi Tikka Wrap
9. Salmon Spread with Cream Cheese
10. Chicken Sprout Salad