Christmas in a glass: Indian Bartenders list their top cocktails

  • By Madhulika Dash

    Nothing spells “joy to the world” like a well-made cocktail – and this season we bring you eight unique ones!

    In the culinary world, there goes a saying, “cinnamon tastes best in Christmas.” True that. But what the sayer forgets  to mention is that just about everything cooked, blended, stored, cured and beaten tastes infinitely “joyous” in this season – and that’s drinks included. 

    Take the case of Eggnog, the drink which eventually turned Christmas into a holiday. This 13th century monk’s favourite eggy-milk a treat though can be had anytime of the year, is willfully reserved for Christmas just for its taste. Likewise for mulled wine, gin and their colonial cousin mulled ale (associated with yuletide) – the latter many say started the tradition of Christmas drinks. 

    But then is Christmas only about these good old classic. We ask some of the finest bartenders and chefs to give us their version of Christmas in a Glass, and this is what we got!