Eat the Winter Blues

  • ​By Madhulika Dash  

    We give you 10 delicious, gourmet ways to do so – done in quintessential chef’s style by the finest chefs!  

    Winter is often called the quintessential mood queen of seasons – and for a good reason. It is the time when you do a lot of things slightly more – crave more, eat more, laze more. And even feel “low” more. 

    You know the sunny-less days when all you want to do is beneath the covers all day(and night) long. And if you have begun to feel the same way – fret not, you are among the 80% people who feel the same. Medically, it’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which stems from lack of Vitamin D. Or in other words, the no Sun affect. 

    In food world though, it simply called “blues” and is treated with some delicious, happy food. Or, as our chefs put it, “a primer to indulgence” with some fascinating suggestions.  

    Bonus: They are tried & tested, super scrumptious, easy to make, and divinely plated winter warmers.