How to make a good Burger

  • By Madhulika Dash 

    The thing about making a burger is that unlike a good sandwich, burger is all about assembling it right for the perfect bite. All you need is a good patty, and the rest is all about layering it cleverly and with fresh ingredients. But does having a good patty make a good burger? It’s a little bit more than that. 

    Unlike the slapstick comedies that fast food chains have been doling out till date, a good burger, says Chef Bakshish Dean of Johnny Rockets, “ is more than a bite size quick lunch. It’s a hearty, wholesome meal that when made well can be akin to a gourmet treat with all the frills of a wholesome meal.”  

    After all, it has the necessary healthy (read: fresh, tasty and seasonal) elements: the fresh salad – tomatoes, lettuce, onions – cheese and brilliant sauces. In addition, adds Chef Dean, “much like its older brethren sandwich, burgers don’t follow a recipe. And this is ‘secret ingredient’ that also makes making a good burger, tricky. 

    After all, even your bun and patty can make difference not only in the taste, but texture as well.” And when it comes to burger, says Chef Amit Bajaj of Indigo Deli, “the burger bun and the size as well as the patty ingredient play a crucial role. Skip on the essentials, and you may land with a insipid burger that is soggy and lifeless, taste-wise.” 

    So how does one make that “perfect” burger?

    Image Courtesy: Carl's Jr