Independence Day Special: Unity in Diversity

  • Rejoice in your patriotic euphoria with these tasty,traditional recipes

    'A man is a patriot if his heart beats true to his country' - Adhering to this famous saying, citizens of any country carry that kind of warm legacy with them to be followed on for generations! India is not an exception to this and we enjoy our given freedom and constitutional rights everyday and why not attempt to celebrate it in a different mode with a whole lot of appetizing recipes?  

    That's really a cool idea ! Isn't it? Indian cuisine is a unique cultural representation of each state, symbolizing our rich heritage. 

    Each state has their own values,customs, cuisine,taste preferences and so on, but all are connected by 'the emotion of FOOD ' at large. Most importantly, hungry foodies are everywhere and their ardent love for food bonds with the rest of the country. 

    With all these dosage of food thoughts , these recipes will make you drool all over with its authentic,desi ingredients and pure ethnic taste. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate this auspicious day with a fine touch of mixed,experimental flavours from our very own Indian Kitchen.

    Text By: Haneen Raihana