Travel for an Appetite

  • ​By Madhulika Dash  

    Five chefs reveal where they travel to feast their eyes, feed their bellies and fill their closet .

    Nothing enhances life like travel – and nothing adds flavour to the travel like food. Five chefs showcase how their hunt for food actually helped them understand the culture better – and relish it too. 

    Food tours may be a recent fad, but their existence has been since the time man decided to explore the world – and in doing so negate the whole perception of that the world is flat. In fact, the travel chronicles of Fa Hein or Ibn Batutta are replete with anecdotes that are about food, drinks and feasts.

    The reason for this wasn’t the fact that Batutta had to eat wherever he went, but, says Corporate Chef Manjit Gill of ITC Hotels, “Because food around speaks the universal language of deliciousness and is the easiest dialect to understand, even if there are bits that you don’t like.” It’s a view point some of the best known chefs in India concur. 

    Here, some of the well known names share how they curate a gourmet vacation: