10 of the weirdest flavours you’ll ever try in India

By Deepak Gopalakrishnan

We Indians are pretty used to weird flavours. After all, our roadside dosawallahs have Schezwan Dosa on their menu, and some bars will serve you vodka pani puri. Which is not to say we’d wolf down anything that’s thrown at us. We’ve seen some truly incredible flavours in the market over the last few years. Here’s a list of a few.

1. Vanilla Coke

In the list of worst ideas ever conceived, this was right up there, along with the IPL’s Strategic Timeout and Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag. I’m sorry for reminding you about this.

It didn’t help that the associated image was Vivek Oberoi in that haircut.

2. Chocolate momos

There are a lot of places serving this, so they must be on to something. I’m not entirely sure it was a Tibetian who thought these up, though.

Image: Buzzepedia

3. Pork theplas

Now, that's not a bad idea. In fact, it tastes pretty awesome. Available at Mumbai's cult new restaurant, The Bombay Canteen, which is known for awesome fusion food.
Image: Curly Haired Cook

4. Cashew dosa, omlette dosa, duck egg dosa!

The humble dosa is a particular favourite for stirring up chefs’ creativity. Sample this menu from a restaurant in Kochi! 
Image: Tripadvisor

5. Gold dosa!

We're not done with the dosas here. This one is adorned with, you heard it right, gold!
Image: This Blog

6. Chutney made with red ants!

Sounds Chinese? Well, look no further than Chhatisgarh, actually, where this is a favourite of the tribals! Dig in to this 'ento' treat!
7. Bhaang Thandai!

For a country so uppity about everything, it's surprising to realise that marijuana is actually legal in some parts. Well, partly, that is - in the form of bhaang which is apparently spiritual. So don't be surprised if you come across something like this in Jaipur or Orissa. Ha, Netherlands, take that!
8. Silk worm pupa dish

The North-East is a hotbed of interesting ingredients – from marijuana pakodas to dog meat. The Eri Polu is one of their most exotic dishes, made from silkworm pupae. Trust me, the North East cuisine is radically different from the rest of the country!
9. Spiced rotten potatoes

You read right. Potatoes are allowed to rot in soil, and then eaten. Consider that the next time your aloo starts to stink. Again, this is courtesy the NorthEast!
Image: Homegrown

10. Finally, a chocolate made from one of the hottest chilli in the world

This is technically not Indian (the company is American), but it incorporates the Nagaland chillies. Try that on for size!

Image: Amazon

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