10 pubs in Bangalore that have the best grub

By Priya Bala / folomojo staff

You head to these places for the drinks, of course. But you need food to fuel the drinking, right? Here are Bangalore’s watering holes that also get their food right most of the time.



1. Church Street Social
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This buzzing downtown space was designed primarily as a hangout, but has surprisingly good food too. The menu is peppered with exciting options – from street food classics to mix-and-match dishes.

Our picks: Mutton Baida Roti, Vada Pao Bao, Sriraja Chilli Beef and the heart-stopping Elvis Presley French Toast.

2. Monkey Bar
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When the supremely talented Chef Manu Chandra has anything to do with the menu, you can bet it’ll be excellent. Monkey Bar’s food is inspired from everywhere and has quirky twists that give it that extra zing.

Our picks: Polish-style Pirogie, Sorpotel Jam Pot, Tiger Beef, the Mobar Burger.

3. Watsons
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Thanks to its affordable drinks, Watsons is packed to the edges most days. Its hearty food is another draw and the Indian dishes offer welcome respite from French fries and pizza.
Our picks: Mogo, which is crisp slivers of tapioca, Mutton Pepper Fry, Podimas of boiled eggs.

4. Roadhouse
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Roadhouse is a fairly well-kept secret, frequented by regulars who love the happy hours and the retro music. The menu is an eclectic mix of good stuff as well.
Our picks: Malabar Beef Fry, Roast Pork Chilli Cilantro, Pizza Giardino.

5. 13th Floor
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The view is just one of the big attractions at 13th Floor which has shown no signs of losing its buzz over the years. The food is utterly satisfying, too.

Our picks: Thai Crispy Vegetables, Gunpowder Eggs, Manian’s Pepper Mutton.

6. B Flat
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Known for its off-beat music gigs, B Flat is one of the older night spots in Indiranagar. The menu is an interesting mix of Chinese and Indian fare. What you must really make a meal out of here is the Bengali selection.

Our picks: Baigun Posto, Malai Chingri.

7. The Lost Caravan
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This fairly recent arrival on Church Street is all about a noisy vibe and retro tunes. The food is familiar pub grub, but will keep you happy and full after a long night of drinking.

Our picks: Open Mini Burgers, Chicken Varthiyathu

8. Toit
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Bangalore’s happening brewpub is a great place for pitchers of beer, conversation and music. The food gives you another reason to hit the place.

Our picks: Pizza Margherita, Sindhi Pakoda, Baked Nachos.

9. Biere Club
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TRight now, you should be heading to the Biere Club to sample its seasonal mango beer. What’s more, they have plenty of good food to go with it.

Our picks: Bacon-wrapped Sausages, Crisp Calamari.

10. Windsor Pub
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Windsor Pub in Vasanthnagar is one of Bangalore’s older watering holes. It’s neither stylish nor trendy, but regulars swear by the food.

Our picks: Crab Meat Balls, Kane Fry.

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