Know how the world enjoys French fries

Canadians like to have cheesy French fries, in Philippines people add a banana twist to the snack, and in Romania people go rustic. Know how the world enjoys the humble snack and pick your favourite.

Chef Tushar from McCain Foods India has shared a list of how people like to savour these crispy delights across the globe:

* In Canada, they go cheesy: The Canadians like to pour a delicately spiced gravy and cheese curd on their French fries to make up for a delicious serving of poutine giving it a beautiful texture and an irresistible cheesy after taste.

* In Philippines, they go bananas: In Philippines, French fry fanatics use an unusual yet oriental flavour by adding banana ketchup - a sweet and savoury sauce made from mashed banana, sugar, vinegar and spices.

* In Romania, they go rustic: A rustic paste made from garlic, oil, salt and vinegar also called "mujdel" is the Romanian way to relish their French fries. You can also ask for customisation across joints who offer this savoury delight in different consistencies of thickness.

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* In Vietnam, they go butterlicious: Ever imagined a pack of fries served to you in a pool of sugar and dollops of butter? Vietnam gives you all the reasons to indulge in some fries both as a starter and as a dessert, when in Vietnam go ahead and don't look for any more reasons to grab a few extra.

* In Britain, they go drunk on fries: Our favourite fries are known as chips in England. Eaten with garlic mayonnaise in Ireland, in Britain owing to love for everything amber they like to dip their fries in malt vinegar -- quite an intoxicating mix indeed.

* In Australia, they chicken out: Australians have gone a step ahead to flavour their traditional fries, they sprinkle them with chicken salt than the regular salt to add an enviable taste only found in Australia.

* Indians like to experiment: They like everything about fries from global concoctions to indigenous varieties. Mint and coriander chutney, chilli garlic sauce, malt, vinegar, hummus or ketchup, all do just fine, the latest one being with peri-peri.

Source: IANS