'Mahou 5 Star', Spanish beer launches in India

Mahou India, the first subsidiary of Spanish brewing major Mahou San Miguel to be established outside Spain, has launched its flagship product Mahou 5 Star in New Delhi.

Produced with the finest varieties of hops and yeast, Mahou 5 Star stands out for its golden colour and distinctively mild and lingering taste.

The well balanced beer is made with signature yeast whose secret recipe is stored under high security in the beer's originating country, Spain.

"We are delighted to make our flagship product, Mahou 5 Star available in Delhi," Erik d'Auchamp, chief executive officer, Mahou India, said in a statement.

"Beer consumption patterns have changed and so have the consumer tastes and preferences, we see a more evolved consumer who appreciates the taste. Delhi consumers are brand conscious and are open to trying new international brands," he added.

Erik d’Auchamp also shared that they want to expand over time but at a gradual pace.

"The eventual pace will depend on the initial success, and most importantly on the application of our learnings. This year also marks the 125th anniversary of Mahou San Miguel, therefore any step we take towards our goal is even more meaningful," he added.

Mahou 5 star is marked by notes of toasted barley, memories of starch and the thick cream that envelops the glass when poured.

Source: IANS