Quick power-packed foods to stay energised

Besides following a hydrating and high fibre diet that will help to stay cool, also indulge in power-packed foods to stay energised, says an expert.

Dolly Kumar, health expert, founder and Director at health brand GAIA, shares how:

* Most of us like to enjoy light and healthy meals during summer since they are easy to digest and don’t leave us feeling bloated, uncomfortable and lazy. A healthy quick fix is to start the day with muesli along with skimmed milk and fresh fruits for breakfast. Rich in dietary fibre, proteins, iron and anti-oxidants, this power-food is extremely healthy.

* Summer is also the time to indulge in cooling beverages which keep us energised and refreshed all day. Green tea is a wonderful beverage to drink early in the morning or even late evenings. Green tea is packed with anti-oxidants and is known to strengthen the immune system and improve memory. Along with its aroma and pleasant taste, your body is bound to stay hydrated and fresh all summer. Add a dash of honey and squeeze a lemon in your cup of green tea and add some tanginess and zest to your day.

* Munch on healthy sweet and salty snacks regularly. Trail mix is a wonderful snack that will help you regain that lost energy. High on proteins and good fats, most trail mixes are packed with the goodness of assorted nuts, dried fruits and crunchy seeds. The mix provides instant energy from the proteins, dietary fibres and good fats found in its ingredients.

Source: IANS