Review: Marvello 35 Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

By: Sneha M

Do you love the aroma of freshly baked goodies? Do you like to get messy in process of baking some extraordinary delicacies? Then you and baking are a pair made in heaven. And if you are a person who loves to bake then, we don't have to tell how much an oven means to you.

An oven brought the concept that anyone could bake. And it’s a bonus when you get three appliances in one. An Oven Toaster Griller (OTG), as the name suggests does three functions – Baking, Toasting and grilling. And if you own an OTG, you can cook a plethora of delicacies.

Famous for its ‘1..2..3 Mixie’, Maharaja Whiteline has introduced a range of OTGs. There are three variants: Marvello 35, Marvello 29 and Marvello 22.

Here at Bawarchi, we are going to put Marvello 35 (OTG) to a cook test and review it.

For starters this OTG is a little larger in size than the regular size. Marvello 35 comes with a steady base and a strong body. With a capacity of 35 litres, its unique feature is the space that it provides inside.

Lets look into the 5 most important features of this OTG:


This quintessential OTG comes with a pleasing design and attractive construction. The premium black and silver color gives it an elegant look. It had four holders at the bottom that keeps the OTG steady and also adds in the overall design.


It has four knobs that perform various functions. It comes with temperature, mode, rotisserie and timer settings.

1. Temp: The temperature can be set anywhere from as low as 100 degrees to as high as 250 degree Celsius.
2. Mode: There are three types of heating modes that can be set. You can choose the type of heating depending on what you are going to cook. It has the top heating, bottom heating and both together as well. The both rods heating generates equal amount of heat that results is even baking/cooking.
3. Rotisserie: This knob has to be set when you want to grill the whole chicken, turkey etc with the help of rotisserie rod.
4. Timer: This OTG has a 120-minute timer with auto shut off. One thing missing here is the stay on function. This generally helps when you are not sure of the time you have to bake and leave the OTG on till you want.


Just like other OTGs, this one also comes with the basic accessories - Baking tray, crumb tray, wire rack, baking tray tong, rotisserie rod, rotisserie forks and four skewer rods.

Surprisingly Marvello's skewer rods are thinner than the usual ones. This is a good thing as when you grill paneer to make tikkas it does not break into two and gives you a perfect dish.

Cook Test

You can easily grill/roast fish, chicken and vegetables, you can bake a large cake or up to 15 cookies (depending upon the size) at one go. We tested Marvello OTG and baked delicacies like coconut cookies, Vanilla sponge cake and chocolate chip muffins.

Making Coconut Cookies:
These crunchy cookies made with simple ingredients were insanely delicious. Using the baking tray we baked the cookies and it easily 13-15 cookies fit in first round. Keeping both the heating rods on, it took around 10 mins to bake and become crispy. The heat spread evenly and the cookies were baked to perfection.

Here's the recipe of Coconut Cookies using desiccated coconut


Crumb tray, a common among brands these days, makes it very easy to clean the OTG. This tray is provided at the bottom and can be removed, cleaned and replaced. It collects all the crumbs and the pieces that fall off during baking/cooking. All the other trays can be removed and cleaned. The interior walls and glass door can be cleaned with a sponge.

Pros and Cons of Marvello 35 OTG


 ~ Timer knob could have an additional stay on feature
 ~ Power cable is a tad bit short


 ~ Sleek design and elegant color
 ~ It's easy to operate, no complications. The OTG gets pre-heated really fast
 ~ The holders at the bottom makes it easy to move
 ~ Has a listing on the glass door mentioning the time and temperature to bake/cook the common items.

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Happy Baking!