Chefs share India's celebrated flavors

  • Bawarchi asks chefs and restaurateurs to name dishes that signifies the essence of the day and why? And this is what we came across…

    Can a dish define the essence of a festival or a day? If one has to look at the world culinary glossary, then there are many that not only represent the spirit of the day/festival but also define it. Take the Christmas Pudding for instance. The fact aside that it is one of the oldest dishes made during Christmas, it defines what Christmas stand for: wholesome happiness.

    Likewise for Phirni which defines the pious month of Ramzan and ladoo, which captures the sweet essence of festival, and Pongal that brings firth the true meaning of good life through good harvest.

    But can something like Republic Day have a dish? Turns out we do have, and not just because it has the tri colours on it, but for a more profound association with the day. A few like these, courtesy some of the best names in the culinary world:

    By: Madhulika Dash