Top 10 food to calm you after a tiring day

  • When the alarm goes off at six in the morning and when you rush into your office beating the rush hour, ufff... we just can't come up describing the evening after facing all the drills.

    After all the stress, pressure, tension and exasperating demands, we all, including myself would want nothing more than burying ourselves into a large pit!

    But then why subject ourselves to such brutality when there is still the prospect of 'rejuvenation' before you call it a night? And I'm sure, as far as there is something called comfort food; there is still the ray of hope!

    Our dear faithful readers, Bawarchi brings you the 10 most needed comfort food that your system will happily appreciate after that horrendous day of yours!

    And before I forget, we are also giving you a box full of recipes that can be made with these comfort food. So, go ahead pick the one you like the most and head to shooo away your stress.

    Text: Poornima Hariharan