Also known as: 
Salad rocket

Arugula looks like an open lettuce and is eaten raw, in salads with oil and vinegar, or as a garnish. It is a rich source of vitamin C and potassium. In addition to the leaves, the flowers (often used in salads as an edible garnish), young seed pods, and mature seeds are all edible. In India the mature seeds are known as gargeer.

Commonly used in:
A sweet peppery digestive alchol called rucolino is made from the leaves. Arugula seeds are pressed to make tatamira oil, used in pickling and (after aging to remove acridity) as a salad or cooking oil. These seed cake is also used as animal feed.

Health Benefits: 
Low calorie vegetable, good anti-oxidant, good source of vitamin A, B- complex group of vitamins, vitamin C and K and so they are included in the diet for the treatment of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.