Also known as: 
Ceri, Cerrikalil.

Cherries come in a variety of colors, textures and flavors and is an astringent fruit. There are two basic types of cherries, sweet cherries and sour cherries.  Sweet cherries are eaten and the sour cherries are commonly used in baking. Cherries are summer fruits and are grown in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and India.  

Commonly used in: 
It is used in making jams, cherry pies, and has some use in flavoring liqueurs.  They are also a popular flavoring for sodas and ice creams. The black cherry is commonly used instead of sweet cherries to achieve a sharper taste. It is also used in cakes which include dark chocolate, such as a Black Forest gateau and as garnishes for cocktails.

Health Benefits:  
Cherries are one of the very low calorie fruits; however, are rich source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  It cleanses the system and is good for dental problems. It is useful in curing insomnia or lack of sleep and anti-oxidants. It is very high levels of vitamin-C.