Also known as:
Chikoo phala, Sapota.

Sapodilla or sapota (chikoo) is another popular delicious tropical fruit.  Sapota fruit is brown in color with sandy “kiwifruit like” outer surface but without the fuzziness. Internally, the pulp in unripe fruits is white with sticky latex called as saponin. Latex content gradually disappears as the fruit ripens, and its flesh turns brown. The fruit is sweet with smooth or grainy texture and light musky flavor. It is a vital source of vitamins, minerals and health benefiting anti-oxidant, tannins

Commonly used in:
The fruit is normally eaten as it is. It can be used to make milkshakes, smoothies, ice creams etc. In some countries it is crushed and boiled to make syrup.

Health benefit:
Sapota contains a high amount of Vitamin A which is good for the eyes. It is a source of energy, an anti-inflammatory agent, prevents certain cancers, gives relief to constipation, healthy bones, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, haemostatic properties, helps to expel bladder and kidney stones, aids in weight loss, used as a crude filling for tooth cavities, calms the nerves and alleviates stress.