Mustard Seed

Also known as: 
Sarson, Kadugu, Mohari

Mustard seeds are harvested from the mustard plant. They are round in shape and their colour varies from yellowish-white to dark brown. Mustard grows well in temperate climates, with India being one of the major producers of mustard in the world.Mustard is used as a spice in Indian cooking - often spluttered in oil at the beginning of the cooking process or ground to a paste. Mustard seeds are also used to extract oil.

Commonly used in: 
Pickles and seasoning. The seeds are also grown for their greens.

Health Benefits: 
Mustard speeds up the metabolism and helps in weight loss. It relieves rheumatoid, arthritic pain.Mustard oil stimulates hair growth and its anti fungal and bacterial properties helps to check skin infection.