Also known as: 
Meat, lamb, mas

Lamb, hogget, and mutton are the meat of domestic sheep. The meat of an animal in its first year is lamb; that of an older sheep is hogget and later mutton. In many eastern countries including the Indian sub-continent, Malaysia and Singapore the term mutton refers to goat's meat (which is also called chevon) and usually not to sheep's meat. Often, the mutton curries of the Indian cuisine use goat meat when cooked at home, although in Indian restaurants sheep meat is often used. 

Commonly used in: 
Curries, roast and mutton fry, Stir-fry, steaks, grills, kebabs, burgers, koftas (minced meat balls),stews, biryani, etc.

Health benefit: 
Among other things, mutton is a good source of minerals such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins.