Also known as:
Bulb onion, Common onion, Pyaaz, Savola, Vengayam

The onion plant belongs to the genus Allium and is the most widely cultivated of the species.
Onions have piqued the interest of people throughout history. The ancient Egyptians worshipped it as they believed that its shape and concentric rings symbolised eternal life and. The Greeks consumed large quantities of onions because they believed it lightened the blood. Doctors even prescribed it to aid infertility in women
Onions are available in three colours: yellow, red, and white. The yellow onion is most commonly used in cooking because of its full-bodied flavour.

Commonly used in:
Roasts, bakes, curries, braises, pickles, chutneys, salads, breads, etc. Onion juice is also used as a moth repellent and as a topical lotion to prevent insect bites.

Health Benefits:
Onions are known to boost the immune system. They regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce risk of gastric ulcers and heal infections. A compound in onions called quercetin is said to help in preventing cancer.