Other Names:
Veerkadalai, Moong falee

It is the seed of a legume that grows belw the ground.  it is native to South America, but the world's largest producers are India and China.

Commonly used in: 
Savoury curries, sweetmeats and cookies.  It can also be eaten as a snack either roasted or fried.  It is used to make peanut butter which can be used as it is or either in confectionery and bakery purposes.

Health Benefits:  
Helps promote fertility (Folate), aids in blood sugar regulation (manganese), prevents gallstones, fights depression (Tryptophan), boosts memory power (vitamin B3), lowers cholesterol levels (copper), lowers risk of heart disease, protects against age-related cognitive decline (vitamin B2), cancer protection and lowers risk of weight gain.