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Pine Nut

Pine Nut is an ingredient used in Indian cooking
Other Names:  
Pignolia nuts, Pagala paina, Pain paruppukal

Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees. They are small elongated ivory-colored seeds from pine cones, measuring about 1/2 inch long. When raw, the seeds have a soft texture and a sweet, buttery flavor. They are often lightly toasted to bring out the flavor and to add a little crunch. 

Commonly used in:  
Fresh pine nuts are most commonly used in for baked goods such as cakes and cookies, but are also a tasty ingredient in salads and pesto sauce.

Health Benefits:  
Pine nuts are rich in Vitamins A, C and D, lutein, protein, magnesium and a good source of iron. Pine nuts help in sharper vision, build stronger bones, boost immunity, aids in weight loss and a source of energy.

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