Also known as:
Aloo, Urula Kizhangu

Potato is a starchy tuberous crop. There are about 5,000 varieties of potatoes grown around the world, with China being one of the largest producers.
The potato was first grown in what is now Peru and Bolivia, but has since become a staple crop in many countries.
However, potatoes are also losing out in favour with some people because they come high on the glycemic index.

Commonly used in:
Mostly used in making a variety of dishes like bakes, mashes, curries, etc, making alcoholic drinks and also used for the production of starch.

Health Benefits:
Potato has been found to have blood pressure lowering properties, is a good source of vitamin B6, and some can even protect against cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems and certain cancers. According to traditional medicine, applying raw potato directly on areas affected by arthritis, infections, boils and burns will help.
Raw potato juice is also consumed to help with stomach disorders and water retention.