Other Names:  
Eraa, Jhinga, Chingri, Sungat, Chemeen

Prawn is a common Name for large swimming crustaceans, and is also called shrimp.  Shrimp and prawn are common Names without the formal definition that scientific terms provide. The term shrimp is sometimes applied to smaller species, while prawn is more often used for larger forms. There is no clear distinction between both terms and their usage is often confused or even reverse in different countries or regions.

Commonly used in:  
Prawns can be prepared dozens of ways, from sautéed to fried, and served with dipping sauces, or over risotto. They could be included as appetizers and salads to main dishes and stews, curry, grilled, steamed or baked.

Health Benefits:  
Lots of Vitamin B (Boosts Immunity), low in fat, rich in protein, Zinc, Iron and Omega 3 fatty acids (Omega 3 lowers blood triglycerides, and prevents the heart from diseases and also circulatory problems, stroke, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The rich content of selenium prevents the growth of cancer cells, calcium and vitamin E content maintains healthy skin, teeth and bones. They contain a lot of Cholesterol though.