Other Names:  
Mandua, Kelvargu, Ragulu

Ragi or Finger millet is a highly nutritious cereal which is easy to digest and is available at a cheaper price in comparison to other cereals. It is a rich source of calcium. It has a lot of nutritional and medicinal significance.  The tiny deep red pearls is an annual cereal plant.  It is widely grown in the arid regions of Asia and Africa.

Commonly used in: 
Ragi is used in many dishes to make, porridge, rotis, dosas, puttu.  It is steamed, and baked and cooked.

Health Benefits:  
Ragi is a fibrous carbohydrate and gives you loads of dietary fibres. It contains very little starch.  It helps in bone development, helps weight loss, acts as a relaxant, reduces high glucose levels in the blood, acts as a good source of protein/amino acids, lowers blood cholestrol levels and prevents and treats anemia.