Also known as:
Red kidney beans

A dried kidney shape bean that is reddish brown in colour, strong flavoured and has a slight mealy (powdery) texture. The beans have a strong musky and nutty aroma and a full, chewy taste. The skin is thick and has a slightly sweet aftertaste. This deep red, kidney-shaped bean is used a lot in Mexican cooking and in India is flavoured in some Punjabi dishes.

Commonly used in:
Salads, curries, as a snack, sauteed, boiled and baked.

Health Benefits: 
Kidney beans are known for their high folate, protein and mineral content. Consumption of kidney beans gives you a healthy heart. The iron content increases body metabolism and energy, helps in the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, high Calorie, it helps in cleansing the digestive tract, regulates bowel movement. It is high in magnesium and fiber which lowers bad cholesterol levels and helps fight diseases associated with the risk of stroke, heart attack, and peripheral vascular disease.