Raw papaya

Also known as:
Papita, Pappali kai, Boppayi kayi

Papaya is a fruit that is almost pear shaped with numerous seeds. The flesh can be red or yellow in colour when ripe depending on the variety. When picked green it is called green papaya. It grows well in tropical climates.

Commonly used in:
Raw papaya is used to tenderize meat. When cooked, it can be used in curries, salads and stews. The seeds are black and have a bitter peppery taste. It can be used as a substitute for pepper. Papaya has a high content of pectin and can be used to make jellies.  

Health benefit:
Raw papaya is rich in Vitamin A, B,C, folates, minerals and fiber. It helps with digestive problems, when applied treats cuts, rashes, burns, bites and helps to remove worms.